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[HowTo] Direct Referrals

Started by admin 2019-01-01 at 13:26
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I'd like to share my ways to get direct referrals. Maybe some of you will have success using my strategies too.

Better grab a coffee, this will be quite some text.

There are several ways to get refs:
Buying advertisement on other PTC-sites
That's actually the easiest way, but it may not be as successful as you wish. (You are buying impressions, not signups!)
pro: not much work, many people will see this site, thus many possible refs

contra: it costs. You visit ptc-sites to get money, not to give money, right? Well..think that way: Once you get a direct ref, he'll be in your downline FOREVER!

Cleverly using the internet
There are many ways to tell a lot of people - without having to pay for it. Just a few examples: Public forums (whatever nature they are.. games, computers, programming, ...) Put your ref-link in the signature, or even better: Link to your blog (I'll talk about that a bit later).
Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, myspace, whatever.. Share a post of your latest received payment with your friends, and tell them "YOU CAN DO THIS TOO - Register here:.."

Online games: Do you play WoW? Guild Wars? any other kind of online game? Share your success with your guild/clan/friends! I played WoW myself for years, and most of my mates were just idling around ingame the whole day. I told them to do better things with their time!

YouTube: Make a video of your instant payment, showing the request and the receiving on Payeer/PerfectMoney! Provide the link to Trafikclix in the describtion, and/or put a link to your blog/site!

Blog/Minisite: I know you all came across those pages, where people just put their banners and some payment proofs or share their thoughts about sites. Why not do the same? It doesn't cost anything (just search for a free webhoster) and start building your own page.

Or start a blog, Upload your payment proofs, share your thoughts!

Include banners and reflinks to the respective site!

pro: Costs nothing

contra: free is always good, so no contra here

People you know
This is actually my favourite, but it won't get you many referrals /: (unless you know thousands of people) Open your messenger (icq, msn, facebook chat, whatever) and talk to your friends. Don't just send them the reflink!! Better start a conversation, then ask them "So, what are you doing at the moment?" I'm sure some will say "uhm..nothing.." or "watching tv..", "surfing around" ..something like that.
Now you ask them "How would you like to make money instead of wasting your time?" They will ask how - Everyone wants to make money!

But don't think you got them now - There's still a long way to "hook" them, and if you do something wrong you screw it up.

DO NOT tell them "you are making 1 ct for viewing ads" - At least not at the begin of a conversation! They won't think it's worth it.

You can tell them your story, example: "I'm making 5 Dollars a day, just by viewing ads for 2 minutes in the background, while being on facebook"

Now they are interested! But they will have some doubts about getting paid and how to get paid.

Tell them the money gets send to an online bank, they don't have to give their real bank account details"

Add the only risk you have is losing 2 minutes a day. And since they don't have to do anything better anyways, why not give it a try? Be there for your friends! Help them getting started, share your experience and advice with them. Give them your spreadsheets (if you have any)!

pro: If they are really good friends and have trust, they'll defintely give it a try

contra: none at all

These are just some basic tips how you COULD do it.
I'm very thankful for any other tips and tricks - Please feel free to share your tactics.

Best regards,

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